Important paragraphs for SSC students

Environment Pollution paragraph for SSC students

Environment Pollution paragraph for SSC students

Environment Pollution

Paragraph on Environmental Pollution – 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12, and Competitive Exams

Our environment is our assets; we should not lose the charm of the environment by pollution. We should deal with the environment of our earth like our mother because our earth also nurtures us and shelter us. If the climate gets polluted then will it be possible for us to live? The various types of pollution are Water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, land pollution, air pollution, etc. The contaminants of the environment are called pollutants.

The main pollutants come from industries because the factories release harmful and poisonous gases in the atmosphere. This cause of air pollution. The industrial effluents are also dumped into water bodies, causing water pollution. The other pollutant responsible for pollution is the smoke from combustion, greenhouse gasses emission like carbon dioxide which is high in Bangladesh.

Environmental pollution increases global warming day by day, so the ice in Antarctica is melting and the harmful gases are also emitting and destroying the whole earth. The animals have endangered, the plants are also dying. Cutting of trees is one of the reasons for environmental pollution. So instead of cutting trees, we should plant more and more trees to enhance the beauty of Earth. On 5th June, we celebrate World Environment Day, so not only we Mahotsav trees on that particular day, but we should plant trees whenever we think it is necessary to do.

We should also celebrate Van Mahotsav to spread the news that every individual should plant trees. It is the responsibility and commitment of every soul to preserve and protect our environment from getting polluted. There is another duty also that we have to perform we should not dump the waste materials in the river or seawater. We should burn them, then we will be able to produce biogas.

FAQ’s on Paragraph on Environmental Pollution

Question 1.

What is Pollution?


The contaminants which are present in the natural environment and bring adverse change is termed as Pollution.

Question 2.

How types of Pollution are there?


There are 4 types of pollution in our nature.

Water pollution

Soil pollution

Air Pollution

Land pollution

Noise pollution

Question 3.

How can you control the pollution?


Pollution can be controlled by planting trees. The plants help in reducing pollution and bring a balance in nature. Other than this, if we use public vehicles instead of private cars, then pollution can be reduced.

Question 4.

Write some Pollution facts.


The pollution facts are as follows.

According to the WHO, air pollution allots to 6.7% of all demises worldwide.

Almost every year 7 million premature deaths are caused due to pollution.

Environment Pollution paragraph

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