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Environment Pollution – Paragraph

Environment Pollution Paragraph; In the present world, environment pollution is one of the most talked buzzwords. Our environment is polluted in two major ways. These are air pollution and water pollution. Air is polluted in many ways. Smoke is polluting the air, Men are making fires to cook food, to make bricks, melts pitch for road construction and burns wood. All these activities produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes the air. Besides, railway engines, mills & factories, and powerhouses use coal and oil. Many vehicles including buses, trucks, and cars use petrol and diesel. And all these things cause air pollution.

We are also polluting water in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticide in their lands to grow more food. When it rains, the rainwater & flood wash away some of the chemicals. As a result, they get mixed with canal water and river water. Again, mills and factories pollute water by throwing the waste materials and unsold products into the rivers and canals. Steamers, launches, and even sailboats pollute water by throwing oil, food waste, and human waste into the big canals and rivers. Besides, unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the banks of the rivers and canals also pollute water badly. Thus air and water are polluted in several ways. As a result, our environment gets polluted every day.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

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Tree Plantation – Paragraph

Tree plantation Paragraph Trees our best friend. Trees bear a great impact on the climate. If we destroy trees at random, on day the country will turn into a great desert. Trees keep the soil strong. Trees save us from flood and many other natural calamities. Trees prevent the rise in temperature. They give us oxyzen. They prevent the rise of carbon-dioxide world wide. Thus trees maintain ecological balance. Trees give us food and shelter. They make the land fertike. We get timber from trees. This timber is used in making houses, boats, ships and furniture etc. They save the house of cyclone. They also give shade to protect us from the scorching heat of the sun. Many trees give us fruit. Trees help to cause rain. They prevent a region from becoming desert. Trees provide shelter to birds and beasts. Trees are things of beauty too. We can take care of trees by not cutting them. We can also take care of trees by planting them more and more. We should plant trees more and more for a better, happier and healthier life.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

A School Magazine – Paragraph

A School Magazine is immensely connected to the literature side of the pupils of any school. It is generally published once every year. And the works related to the publication of a school magazine gives much pleasure to all. Not only the students but also the teachers join this venture to publish a school magazine that reflects the natural talents of the students and teachers. It also expresses all the records and highlights of the school for the previous year. It is not as easy as it sounds to publish such a school magazine. First of all, a magazine committee is formed to supervise the whole process and usually, a senior teacher takes over the charge. The authority of the school bears the cost of publication but the works for this literary piece are voluntary. Students happily join the work and they are highly encouraged when their names come printed on a school magazine. It is announced to every class to submit their creative writings or other submission for a school magazine. Students and teachers write their feelings in the form of stories, essays, poems, jokes, etc. All the writings are submitted to the editorial committee who selects the appropriate writings for publishing on a school magazine. After the writings are selected, students and teachers work together to decorate the magazine in the final stages. Not only the writings, all the achievements and glorious moments of the school also go to the magazine. The head of the institution gives his speech to motivate students in co-curricular activities so that they can nurture their hidden talents from a very young age. After all the work has been done, it is then finalized and sent to the press for publication. After various stages of proofreading, the final publication comes out and it is delivered to the school. The school authority then offers every student their copies. It is a moment of joy and pride to see their creations in a school magazine. It encourages them to practice more and it brings out their natural talents. A school magazine also reflects the educational condition of any institution. One can easily look at a school magazine of any educational institution and justify whether the standard of education is up to the mark or not. Publishing a school magazine is necessary to keep the students moral strong and it is a practice that should be continued.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

Traffic Jam – Paragraph

Traffic Jam Paragraph: Traffic Jam is a condition of a blockade of any types of vehicles on roads and streets. It is a major problem in urban areas. There are a number of reasons for occurring traffic jams. Unlicensed and unamused rickshaws are the main causes of traffic jams. Violating traffic rules and regulations, illegal parking of vehicles on roads also causes a traffic jam. Again, narrow roads and frequent digging for development work, cause a traffic jam. Budding materials piled on roads cause traffic jams too. Whatever the causes of traffic jams may be, it is a great threat to urban people. In our daily activities, we cannot become fast and punctual because traffic jam kills our valuable ‘time.

Office going people, school-going children and dying patients are also a victim to traffic jam. So, it is our bounden responsibility to solve this problem. But there is no fixed way to solve this problem. It requires united action to solve this problem. Small shops and markets should be removed from the roadsides. In some places, the government should build fly-over and people should be made aware of the traffic rules and regulations. We should not cross the roads in an indisciplined way. All these above-mentioned measures will definitely help us to remove the traffic jam.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

Load – Shedding – Paragraph

Load-shedding means the discontinuation of supply of electricity. Load -shedding occurs when generation of power is less than the demand and also for unplanned distribution of electricity. It creates problems of far reaching consequences in the socio-economic development of a country. Houses, mills, factories, industries, shops, hospitals all fall a victim to it. The running mills factories and industries come to a standstill. Failure of electricity hampers productivity. Domestic life becomes painful. The housewives grope in the darkness in the kitchen. The sufferings of the students due to load shedding beggar description. The patients also suffer terribly for load -shedding. Operations are stopped. The food kept in the refrigerators get rotten. The commodities preserved in cold storages get spoiled. In fact, load-shedding causes great sufferings to the people and an irreparable loss to the country. The entire fife ?domestic and industrial ?comes to a standstill. An all-out effort should be made to install more and more power house to generate electricity. At the same time austerity should be maintained in using electricity.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

A Rainy Day – Paragraph

A rainy day is a day when it rains heavily all day long. Sometimes it drizzles. On a rainy day, the sky is overcast with black clouds and the sun cannot be seen. The day is dull and gloomy. It is dark all around. Due to continuous rainfall, the normal life of the people is disrupted. The roads become slippery and muddy. people cannot go out without an umbrella. Some people go to offices through the water flowing across the roads. The children go to schools on a rainy day and they are drenched. Sometimes they catch a cold and are attacked with fever. The office goers go to the offices with umbrellas over their heads and the shoes in hand and with their trousers folded up to the knee. Sometimes the poor people cannot go to their working places on a rainy day and they cannot earn their bread. On a rainy day, the day laborers and rickshaw pullers cannot go out. So they have to suffer a lot. In rural areas, the farmers cannot go to the field for cultivation. The growth of crops is spoiled if there is torrential rain. A rainy day usually becomes uncomfortable for most people. In spite of having thousands of discomforts a rainy day sometimes becomes the source of joy and happiness. It is a day of gossiping, playing indoor games, and eating different types of delicious foods. A rainy day refreshes all the creatures and gives life to nature. Though a rainy day creates suffering for the poor people, it is quite essential for all animal beings and plants.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

A Book Fair – Paragraph

A book fair is a fair where different types of books are brought for sale and show.A book fair is usually held in the month of January and February.In our country it is held in almost all cities and towns.The largest book fair is organized by Bangla Academy on the occasion of the 21 February.The main purpose of book fair is not sale but it offers a rare opportunity to assess the advancement made in publication of books.It helps to create new writers as well as new readers.It inspires people to form the habit of reading books.A book fair reminds us that books are our best companions.They change our outlook on life and widen our domain of knowledge.Again we get these best friends at a cheaper rate from a book fair.In order to organize the fair a committee is formed.The committee makes all the arrangements to make the fair successful.Some practical measures should be taken to make the fair successful.There should have arrangement of refreshment.Seminars and cultural programmes should be arranged.Moreover,strict security measures should be taken.The government should encourage the writers and publishers to publish creative books.Books should be sold at a cheap rate.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

Drug Addiction- Paragraph

When there is an urge to consume substances that are harmful, it is addiction. Drug addiction has a dangerous impact on the consumer. It destroys one’s mind and body. Such an addiction is a chronic illness. When addicted to consuming drugs, one loses one’s control and is unable to live without it. Addiction of any kind is harmful to be it alcohol, sweets or even smartphones. Drug addiction is also called a substance use disorder and has become a major problem all across the globe.

It affects the memory and brain of a person as well as relationships. People who are addicted to drugs get involved in illegal activities such as robbery, murder and fraud. There is an urgent need to fight such an addiction. Such people need help as it can be fatal as well. Treating a drug addict can be difficult as withdrawal symptoms include:





Breathing problems

Heart attacks

However, there are medicines and counselors to treat such people and help them quit consuming drugs. Some of these patients are also admitted to rehabilitation centers where they are given proper treatment not just to fight drugs, but also to depression and anxiety.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

Price hike – Paragraph

Price hike means high price of daily necessaries.When the price of essential things goes beyond the purchasing capacity of the general people. it is called price hike There are many causes of price hike.First price hike occurs because of natural disasters.In our country natural disasters like flood and cyclone occur almost every year. Flood destroys the crops of the country.So the supply of goods falls short in proportion to our need.Hoarding is another cause of price hike The dishonest businessmen create artificial crisis of food grains.As a result the price goes up. Political disturbance like hartal also causes price hike for the time being.price hike has dreadful effect in our life and national economy.It causes untold sufferings to the poor and the middle class people.Many people cannot buy daily necessaries.Some of them remain half-fed.As a result they suffer from malnutrition.The poor and the day laborer are the worst sufferers of price hike.The government should ensure the supply of essential goods to control price hike.The dishonest businessmen and the hoarders should be punished.The government should also monitor the prices of various things.

HSC All Important Paragraphs


Importance Of Learning English Paragraph: English is now an international language. The world now has become a global village. The different nations have come closer to one another and they have to make communication with each other.

For this communication a common language is necessary. And English has got that position of a global language.

People all over the world use this language as a medium of communication. Therefore in order to keep pace with the advancement of civilization and maintain international we should learn English.

It is the official language of international organizations like UNO,ADB, World Bank, Olympic committee etc. More than 80% of all the information in the world’s computers is in English. Many organizations need employees who have good knowledge of English.

So for a good job, good knowledge of English is necessary. Nowadays, many people believe that English will help them to get a good job with better salaries.

Almost all the books in different branches of science and technology are either written or translated in English. So, English is must for higher education and international communication.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

Internet- Paragraph

Internet is a worldwide spread computer network. It is also called a network of networks. The process of coordinating two or more computers with cable, modem, satellite etc. is called internet. Internet is now regarded as a milestone in the modern world of computers. At present, it is the only means of exchanging data through computer networking. It works very easily and rapidly. To get necessary information, one needs to search Yahoo or Goggle. Internet has a lot of importance. It plays an effective role in the field of trade and commerce. At present, internet based e-commerce has become very popular all over the world. Because, customers can buy anything without going to market. It also plays an important role in the field of education. Students and teachers can easily get necessary information through internet. They can read any books without going to library. Internet offers a lot of information from every branch of knowledge. A student sitting in his reading room can use the lend library. Business persons, economists, doctors, politicians and other professionals can be benefited by internet. Internet has some demerits too. Some web sites are not suitable for children. They become addicted to it.Their moral character is damaged. Our government should take necessary steps to manage easy access to internet for the people of Bangladesh.

Covid-19 Paragraph

Covid-19 is a deadly virus and the entire world is facing its dominance. It has reached more than 200 countries around the world. It all began in December 2019, more specifically 31st of the month. China was the first country to experiencing this new disease. A case of 27 people was reported by China’s disease control center on December 31st.

All of these 27 people had the same respiratory problems. It has also said in the report that these people had a connection with seafood which was bought from the market of Hunan. Researchers had found a match of this unknown disease’s genetic sequence in the database. It was in the family of coronavirus. Later, it was named Covid-19. This name stands for coronavirus disease 2019. After that, Covid-19 became a global health crisis. On 11 March 2019 WHO (world health organization) had declared the outbreak of Covid-19 as a pandemic. Further research has shown that it can cause disease in animals like mammals and birds. This virus can spread through droplets of a sneeze or exhales from an infected person. Symptoms for this disease are cough, fever, headaches, loss of smell, and loss of test. WHO gave some rules and regulations for protecting people from viral infection. Wearing face masks, washing hands frequently, and social distancing are these protocols. In the earlier phase lockdown was given by the government of the countries around the world. Several institutes and companies around the globe worked hard for vaccines. But finally, vaccines are available.

HSC All Important Paragraphs

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HSC All Important Paragraphs

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